Thursday, May 31, 2012

Has Rihanna Taken Things Too Far...

Rihanna is known for pushing the boundaries with her sexuality, whether being with her music videos, remember S&M, clothing choices or photo shoots.  Well, Miss Riri has once again caused a frenzy with her recent nude photo shoot for her upcoming fragrance.  Above are the photos which have been shared and spread all over the Internet.  Personally I don't think that are as bad as a lot of people are making them out to be, yes she is naked, but she's not exposing anything too x-rated.  However, to add fuel to the fire, photos have been also been newly released for her upcoming July 2012 Cover and Spread in Esquire Magazine and once again Riri is... NAKED and baring a lot of skin. 
Thank goodness she's young, has a fab bod, is gorgeous and loves experiencing with fashion and photography or else this could all end a lot quicker and messier.  On second thought if she didn't have all of the above she would probably not be in these situations and/or famous.  I know I know, it's horrible to say, as she is extremely talented.  Do you think Rihanna's taken her sexuality too far?  Let me know, leave your comments below.

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