Sunday, April 09, 2017

Mini Review: DesignMe Power Dry Me

After a long break from Blogging I am back with an amazing product to share with you all! This is truly a miracle product by Design.Me, their Power Dry Me Mist cuts blow-drying time in literally a 3rd. Usually it took me around 20-30 minutes to completely dry my hair however with 10 sprays of this amazing product blow-drying only takes me 5-7 minutes! Honestly, who doesn't want extra time in the morning to either stay in bed a little bit longer or sit down and enjoy your cup of joe. You are probably wondering who Design.Me is, and like me you aren't alone. This hair brand was created by 4 friends out of Montreal, QC Canada with the sole goal to create high-quality goods that were cruelty, sulfate, paraben, and gluten free, for hair stylists and hair savvy clients, and this product is no exception. I was very sceptical upon first trying it, but will instantly sold when my hair took the same amount of time to fully dry as it usually did to half dry my top layer! This is a must try and can be purchased through Design.Me's online shop for $19.50 USD.

Click HERE to learn more about the product and Design.Me and click HERE to purchase their Power Dry Me Mist.

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